Seeing the hub-bub over Kanye on the Twitters last night got me wondering if maybe we could chill out on some stuff...

1) The Importance of Celebrities - I think we overestimate the importance of these things so dramatically. Sometimes celebs say stuff that is truly hurtful, awful, etc. But most often, they just say stuff. And we always move on from it. I think a good guideline is, "If no one updates me on this story, will I care about it in two weeks?"

2) Ripping on Rochester - I love this town. It's my home. And there are so many good things about it. So many good people here. I've lived a LOT of places and honestly, the sense of community in Rochester is far above that of anyplace I've lived. ps - If you think Rochester is boring, do something to make it exciting.  

3) Being Angry at Minnesota Weather - I'll make you a deal, you can complain all you want about the weather IF you don't act tough about the weather when talking to an out-of-towner.

4) People Disagreeing with You - It's what we do. We're Americans. Someone disagreeing with you is not an attempt to stop you from speaking. I promise. Just keep on being you.

5) Being First on the Mayo Clinic Elevators - Do those of us on the elevators a solid and step back a few when you're waiting for the doors to open. Then people getting off won't bump into you.

6) Parenting That's Not Like Your Parenting - A parent letting their kids walk to the park or find their way home on Rochester mass transit isn't a sign of bad parenting. You might disagree with it, but from the comments section, you might think it was akin to abandoning them in the desert. Oh, and a request from the moms to the mommy-jacking moms. Cut it out.

HONORABLE MENTION: Beer Cheese Soup and Tomato Bisque - They're just not that good. On the other hand, you could step it up a notch on the Chicken Wild Rice Soup. That stuff is magical!

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