Last night I hosted trivia at the Tap House and I did a survey. There you are on 2nd Street. You're turning right onto South Broadway, right at the Doubletree Inn corner. Do you break the law or do you follow the law?

In the picture, both lines come from the right lane. One does the turn correctly, the other is breaking the law.  So, which turn is correct? Turning right into the left lane, or turning into the right lane?

If you said "When you turn right from the right lane, you turn into the right lane." you're 100% correct. But do you do it?  If you do, you rule! If you don't, then you're like most of the people in the survey. Out of about 100 people, 95% knew the answer, and 80% of them said they know what they're supposed to do, but do it wrong because they don't really care a whole lot.

Does it matter? Sometimes. Traffic moves faster if someone can turn left and someone can turn right onto the same street at the same time. And, if I'm in the right lane turning right, and you're turning left, if you don't turn into the left lane, you're going to run into me. Please, if that happens, speed up and really smack my car so it gets totaled out by my insurance company.

KIDDING!  I love my car and its paid off. :)

Oh, and to be fair, there are some areas where you HAVE to turn into the wrong lane (like on the 65th Street NW exit. If you want to go to the Kwik Trip, you MUST squeal your tires and race from the left lane to the right.

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