One of my favorite past times is a serving job I had here in Rochester. I had the opportunity to meet so many people from around the world. I was born and raised in Minnesota so when I meet a visitor, it's pretty obvious - good or bad. Here are 9 easy ways to spot someone who's not from Rochester:

  1. They ask for a soda, a soda-pop or a coke (not actually intending Coca-Cola). We are pop country here ;)
  2. They don't know anyone that works at Mayo... If you're from Rochester either you or someone you know works there - let's be real.
  3. They think KROC plays rock music and goes by K-Rock. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that, I could retire
  4. They have no idea what Thursdays on First is. It's our unofficial kickoff to summer with thousands of people flocking downtown every Thursday.
  5. They think there's a train on the subway level...
  6. They think the winter won't actually be that bad
  7. They expect there to be natural lakes here (you know, land of 10,000 lakes...)
  8. Speaking of a lake, they ask what walleye is. Seriously, this happened a lot when I was serving.
  9. They are blunt. Minnesota nice = aka passive-aggressive personality.

BONUS: They know how to drive... Sorry, I had to ;)

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