I'm more of an artificial tree kind of gal. I totally understand why people love real trees, but it's entirely too much work for me. Not to mention, my dog gets very confused as to where the bathroom is when there is a tree in the house.


This is actually a super cute idea. It's one, not huge. Two, very fragrant. And three, completely edible. You could start your herb garden with this year's Christmas tree.  So it's not a legit pine tree, but people it's a trend. People are using Rosemary plants as a Christmas tree. Huffington Post calls it “the most eco-friendly Christmas tree.”

This apparently became a big thing in the UK, but there are several Rosemary plants available on Amazon that look like Christmas trees. You can still decorate them with mini decorations too. Is it silly that I want both the 7-foot artificial tree AND an addition to my herb garden?

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