I'm a creative person, but I don't think I would have had the guts to ever propose to someone by pretending that our plane was going to crash. I'm fairly certain that if I attempted that move (or something similar) when proposing to my wife, she likely would have smacked me and given my proposal a firm "NO WAY!"

Apparently this pilot thought it was a creative idea. And to be honest, he sort of pulls it off. While piloting a small aircraft with his girlfriend as co-pilot, he tells her not to panic but that there's a small problem and she needs to read the emergency instructions to him. She obliges and still doesn't catch on, even when one of the instructions says "auto pilot engaged...if needed conduct ring engagement procedure".

After that he pulls out the ring and the magic happens. She's a good sport about the whole thing, whereas many women might have wanted to push the guy right out of the plane.

Would you want to be proposed to in this manner...or maybe just go with something more traditional like getting down on one knee?