This is fantastic!  According to some research, you can lose weight by playing Tetris.  I'd gladly take that over dieting and exercise any day, wouldn't you?  Some people will go to any lengths to justify ways to be lazy!  Is there something to this information they gathered? What do you think about this?  

It was studied at Plymouth University in England.  They found that addictive games like 'Tetris' mentally distract you enough to get you past those cravings that can pack on the pounds.  The people they tested were able to completely forget that they were hungry because they were so absorbed in the game.  They also say it doesn't have to be 'Tetris,' it can be any brain distracting game, even 'Candy Crush Saga.'   So the next time you pick on your friends on Facebook for sending you game invites, consider that they may be distracting their brain from chowing on bon bon's.  Ha!

I will say that out of all of the video games out there, 'Tetris' is one that really is hard to walk away from, much like eating potato chips.  You just cannot stop!  At least I can't.

Jupiterimages, Brand X Pictures
Jupiterimages, Brand X Pictures

I don't know how effective this would be.   I do like 'Tetris' however.  I actually downloaded it for my Ti-83 way back when.  If I ever have a long plane ride or something, I'll grab the calculator to keep my brain busy, but it's not because I hope to lose any weight from doing so.

(Discover Magazine)