I Vine. If you're not familiar, Vine is the app that lets you shoot and post six second videos. I LOVE it. Who doesn't have six seconds to watch a video, right?  Well, today...I shot a Vine that some co-workers are saying in inappropriate (something I'm kinda used to hearing, you know?).  

I was at the Minnesota Children's Museum of Rochester and I found a GIANT duck! And since we posted THIS song about wanting to be a duck, I couldn't resist making my own duck video. I showed my video to some people at work and a few were all, "Oh, hey...that's not funny, man." Mostly, tho, people thought it was funny. Did I cross the line?

If you wanna check out all my Vines, click HERE, but remember, this is my private Vine account and so not all of 'em are SFW.