So, there I was, shopping at a thrift store, lookin' to pop some tags. I had only $20 in my pocket... So, when I found the pants I wanted for under $5, I said, "Well, is this not fffffffun!" Happy with the pants! (Which I'm wearing right now, see?)

l looked around the store. Found some awesome "as seen on TV" products (like a Turnip-Twaddler and an honest to goodness Slice-O-Matic)! Then, I looked up and the doll wall hit me like a bucket of cold water. "Whoa" is what I think I said. But it could have been, "Wow." The lady next to me said, "Right?!"  We spoke the same language, she and I.

Now, Im'a gonna come right out and admit I have no idea how they could better display the dolls... but there has to be a better way than this! (Solid price, though!)