Drivers and pedestrians go over bridges all the time. However, one man in Minnesota took it to new heights and literally walked over the 94-foot high steel arches.

The incident took place on St. Patty's day and the Southeast Metro Fire News shared the picture to their Facebook page. The bridge is on U.S. Highway 61 in Hastings, MN over the Mississippi River.

According to the Pioneer Press, The scene caused quite a stir as it was happening. Several calls to police were made around 3:45 p.m. Pictures of the man on the arches of the bridge quickly went viral and have been widely shared on social media along with comments of disbelief.

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The man who bravely walked over the bridge claimed he was a former ironworker and made it safely down the aggressive decline. A police officer was waiting for the man at the bottom of the bridge and stated he was very cooperative.

The officer decided to let the man go without citing him, however he could have possibly faced charges such as trespassing on a critical public service structure or disorderly conduct. Officers also warned others of the “serious dangers” of the act and hope to not have any copycats.

I couldn't even imagine walking over a bridge literally. Heights are not my friend. I used to jump off the rocks over in Lester Park, but those days are now behind me. I also couldn't imagine driving over the bridge and seeing this. Luckily the man did not get hurt or fall off.

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