Whenever I see a police car in front of Target store in Minnesota, I know that someone just got caught shoplifting.  If you don't have the mind of a criminal or that urge to walk out of a store without paying for items, you may be clueless about what the top items are that thieves are willing to lift from the Minnesota-based store.  The 15 items below might be a bit of an eye-opener for you.

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15 Items That Are Stolen the Most From Target Stores in Minnesota

Before I share this list with you, there is one bit of information that you should know.  I used to be a manager at a retail store that was affiliated with Target.  We had cameras everywhere.  We knew who the regular shoplifters were and our security team knew their names and had files on them.  In fact, it was just reported by Paypath.com that Target is the worst store to shoplift from.

Essentially, if you steal at any Target, anywhere in the country, they're quite possibly building up a case against you. So if by chance you have the urge to shoplift, keep yourself safe and avoid Target at all costs. - Paypath.com



If shoplifting is something you've been thinking about or you do already, you are being watched.  If you haven't been caught yet and you think you are getting away with it, they may have you on camera for your other stealing adventures already and your file is just getting thicker.  This includes employees who also steal, which is way more than you think!  Shoplifting is not a joke for this corporation...and is also against the law.

15 Items People Shoplift The Most From Target Stores

Target may have the best clearance but according to Financebuzz.com, this popular store also has quite a few items that people love to steal as well.

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