A woman, who according to her family, loved to travel took her last trip that unfortunately ended early on the Fourth. As reported by Kare 11, Brittany Boegel was hiking in Byron Glacier, about 40 miles southeast of Anchorage on Wednesday. She was with a man and a 6-year-old boy when they approached a hollowed-out, compressed snow mass that resembled a snow cave. As they were walking through, the snow ceiling collapsed, trapping the hikers. Several people including the two Brittany was with were injured, Brittany was killed.


Brittany was just 32-years young and a 6th-grade STEM teacher at Venture Academy in Minneapolis.

According to the AP, the valley attracts thousands of visitors each year and offers spectacular views of snowcapped mountains. There is no prohibition on walking on the glacier, but the U.S. Forest Service urges hikers to consider their safety. Chugach National Park spokeswoman Alicia King told AP that they "don't recommend people really going past that particular area."




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