The police are always there to help, no matter who asks. Even Mother Goose.

When you have an emergency, you call 9-1-1, right? You get the police to help in an emergency, right? That's what you do. The police are there to help in an emergency.

James is a Cincinnati cop who was sitting in his squad car, taking care of some paperwork on Monday, when a Mother Goose - a goose! - came up and pecked on his door. I wonder if it tapped "shave and a haircut". Whenever I knock on someone's door, that's how I knock: tap-tappety-tap-tap...

Anyway, Mother Goose knocks, then turns around and starts walking away! But she turns around and looks at James over here shoulder. He gets the soul-searing impression that the goose wants him to follow her. So he does. Down to the nearby creek. Where about a dozen of her goslings are running around in circles crying. One of the goslings was tangled up in a sting attached to a Mother's Day balloon.

So James filmed it on his phone, while he was helped by another officer, Cecilia, in untangling the gosling.

Check out this video!