Yesterday I went to Goodyear Auto Service to have them replace my headlights, which is me kickin' depression's butt. What the what? Yeah, headlights. When your headlights go out, what do you do? Most people would probably say, "I change 'em..." and maybe you forget a time or two, but when you remember, you do it. Or have someone do it for you.

Me? Well, my passenger side headlight went out, so I drove with brights for a while. Then my passenger side bright went out.I COULD NOT drive around with only one headlight working so I go buy new bulbs. Four lovely, super bright bulbs.

James Rabe with Goofy Hair
James Rabe with Goofy Hair

Yesterday, I tried to put 'em in myself and I couldn't get, I end up at Downtown Goodyear, chilling while they swap 'em for me. Total time, about 25 minutes.

And this is a victory against my depression. Not because I CAN'T do it, but because depression can rob me of incentive, interest, and action. And this time, I delayed, but not as long as I have in the past. How? I used one of my tools to kick depression's ass. I practiced mindfulness.

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I sat and thought, "OK, what am I doing here. I am NOT getting the headlights done and what'll happen if I don't get it done? A cascade of poop, that's what! You'll get stopped by the police, which will happen at the worst possible time, dude, so let's get it done." I immediately made the appointment, brought my car in, and I'm no longer drivin' dirty.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, know there is help. I'm a big fan of Family Service Rochester. Click the link, get started on your new path.

If you're in crisis, NAMI has great resources HERE to help. 


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