When you are HANGRY and you need a quick bite to eat, the drive-thru is a must.  After a recent visit to a local fast food drive-thru, I have realized that not everyone is following the same etiquette or rules.  Our fries might still be warm if we all follow these 10 commandments:
10 Commandments for Ordering in the Drive Thru
1)  Know what you want before you order.  I know...this is hard, especially with the fancy ads all over with their "new features".  Go online and take a peek if you truly aren't sure what the joint has to offer.  Almost every single restaurant has their order sitting there...24/7.  Several even let you order through an app (like Chick-fil-A) and you will save even more time!
2)  Don't ask about coupons they might have or "specials".  Just no.  If it isn't in your possession, just assume it doesn't exist.
3)  Smoking and vaping is not for the drive-thru window.  Put it down or out and for goodness sake, do not blow your smoke into the restaurant as you are at the window.  (Yes...it happens)
4)  One person should order...and preferably, not your child.  You might think it is cute or a "learning opportunity" but it is annoying and really hard to understand.
5)  Windows frozen or non-functioning - go inside.
6)  Customized orders should be done inside.  You will be happier knowing your order is right.  Those who are working will be happier because it might take more time to create your specialty item...which slows down our line.
7)  Are you ordering for a large group?  An office?  Write everything down and take it inside...it will be better for all.
8)  Have your money ready to go by the time you are at the window.  This isn't the best time to go on a search for change.
9)  Once you say your order and receive your total, it is final.  Changes are not allowed at the pay window.
10)  If you know the person working...that is awesome.  Good for you!  Your conversation though about last night or the SnapChat post that ______ posted...not the time or place.  Smile.  Say one quick "hello" and move on.  People are behind you and they are HANGRY!
 It didn't make the list but truly is something we should always remember; be nice & use your manners.  "Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world." - Desmond Tutu
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