I don't know when it began for you, but for many people it was 9-11. For me, it was Columbine, and the "it" I'm referring to is when you started to incorporate situational awareness in your life.Situational awareness is not about constantly looking over your shoulder and believing disaster lurks around every corner. It's simply taking stock of your environment, the people in it, and your potential exposure to risk.

For example, pausing when exiting an elevator and entering a parking ramp to give yourself a few seconds to scan the shadows and and take note of other people and their behaviors. Did you spot something that doesn't "feel right?" Situational awareness dictates that you take that into account as you move to your car by paying attention to the potential risk and taking action if it's warranted. A normal person might walk more briskly, grasp their keys in a way they could be used in self defense, or swing wide of the potential danger.

In light of the recent terrorist bombing in Manchester, Olmsted County Sheriff's Captain Scott Behrns came to the KROC-AM studio to talk about actions the average person can take to minimize their risk of becoing a victim of the sort of attack that occurred at the Ariana Grande concert. The video at the top of this post features Captain Behrn's comments during his appearance on the Rochester Today Show with Tracy McCray and Andy Brownell. 



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