For decades I've been envious of women's summer clothing. Those lightweight summer dresses, no waistband, and all that airflow. Lucky, that's what I say. I know I could wear 'em, but I'd look stupid in 'em (my knees...they're just not good). Luckily, I'm saved! I think. You tell me.Just in time for the hot, humid Rochester summer, the RompHim, which is, as its name implies, a romper for grown men. I know they're often for really young kids, but isn't there an appeal to the COOLNESS these might offer in the hot summer?

Admittedly, they look like little more than shortened coveralls...and they look a touch TIGHT, which is NOT my thing for comfort. But, maybe I could by an XXL and be free and aired out, as they say.

Is it possible to "rock" this look? No. I don't think it is. You just wear 'em. And I think I'll skip the sport jacket I would have a different opinion if I was on a yacht...then anything goes,. Boots and bathing suits even.But we're not on a boat. We're on dry land.

I think this look comes from some checks I've seen in my sister's purse.

If you're really into 'em, they have a KickStarter page.

By the way, I'm totally kidding. I would not wear one of these. They're not roomy enough, they're not long enough, and, honestly, I'm not hip enough.'s a romper...why not sell it as a romper, instead of a RompHim? Sounds like a cop out. Wearing a romper, wear the romper and call it a romper.

Me, I'll stick to a sweating and cool adult beverages. Want one for the man in your life?





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