Star Wars VIII is still months and months away. But the questions and rumors are still buzzing!

Star Wars VIII opens December 15th, 2017. There's still a bunch of questions. Here are the top three from just this week!

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    Old Ben Wasn't Supposed to Die

    Peter Mayhew, the actor who plays ChewbaccaHan Solo's co-pilot, partner and right hand Wookie, says that originally, Old Ben Kenobi - played by the legendary Alec Guiness - wasn't supposed to die in the first Star Wars movie! Can you imagine how different the movies would have been if Old Ben had lived? I always thought Ben could take Vader. He made it kind of obvious that he let Vader win the duel...for a reason. See how it motivated Luke and the Rebellion.

    Kevin Winter
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    Obi-Wan is Who Now?

    The burning question is, Who is Rey's parents? There's a new movie coming that could be about Rey's mother. The rumor that's been floating around this last week is that Obi-Wan Kenobi - played by Ewan McGregor in the prequel trilogy and Alec Guinness in the original trilogy - is Rey's grandfather! There's that whole gap from when the last of the Jedi's went into hiding, and Obi-Wan took Luke and hid on Tattoine. What exactly was he doing all that time...?

    Clemens Bilan
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    What's Up With C-3PO's Red Arm?

    One of the many questions of The Force Awakens is, What the heck is up with C-3PO's red arm? Well, Marvel Comics just released a comic book to explain just that! "Threepio" leads a rag-tag band of Expendable 'droids on a Suicide Squad-like mission. I won't spoil it for you, but you'll never believe what happens next! He loses his arm! But, the whole story is about how he gets a red arm. So, there you go.