Think back to when you were little. What if your playtime turned into real life? How awesome would that have been? Well, it happened for a three-year-old named Guage...and he has three amazing Olmsted County Deputies and his mom, Kirsten Hart, to thank.

Kirsten says he's quite the kiddo!

Gauge is a loving three-year-old. He loves dressing in his SWAT team outfit and owns seven pairs of handcuffs!  He tells everyone he wants to be a cop when he grows up and arrests all my family members a few times a day while cuffing them and takes them to jail. He plays cops and even sleeps with his handcuffs under his pillow every night and wears them on his jeans every single day!

OK, that part about arresting family members? You know you smiled and said "Awww" because I sure did.

CREDIT: Kirsten Hart
CREDIT: Kirsten Hart

For his golden birthday, Kirsten put the word out, she wanted to know if any law enforcement officers could stop by her boy's party. And a few members of the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office (C Platoon) had the honor of attending Gauge’s birthday party! I first saw this story on their Facebook page and was so so impressed. It's just another example of our fortunate we are to have the leadership and caring concern in our local law enforcement agencies.

What was it like having them come by?  Kirsten Hart says,

Having the officers show up and having three of them come out was amazing! My whole family was just happy and in shock that these officers took time out of their busy schedules to make Gauge’s day so special. We are beyond grateful that they did this for him and it will be a birthday party he will never forget. Those officers let Gauge turn on the lights and sit in the car and gave him a badge and really made his whole day! That’s all Gaugey talks about now!

It was only a few minutes of their time, but it made a lifetime of memories Guage. Well done!

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