So far, there's been a positive impact. A town in Wisconsin passed a law that fines the parents of a bully, if the bullying persists in picking on other kids.

Back in May, the city council of Shawano, Wisconsin passed an anti-bullying ordinance. Under that new ordinance, parents will receive a warning from police if their child is involved in an incident of bullying.

The parent(s) then have 90 days to address the bullying with their child. If police feel that the child hasn't stopped the behavior, the parents will be issued a fine of almost $400.

There are a few other towns in Wisconsin that are doing the same thing and they say the impact has been pretty positive.

If you ask me, this is a great way to stop it. I've seen bullying where the school system didn't stop it and the parents of the aggressor and the aggressor himself didn't stop it.

This makes perfect sense. Start fining the parents and make them actually be accountable for their child's actions. I'm sure if your child is a bully and you have to start paying a fine for each incident, they'll learn in a hurry that bullying won't fly.

What do you think?