A kitten, who was injured, was found and brought to a shelter in North Carolina. This poor kitty suffered a lot, being brought to an animal hospital with a deep wound to her neck and an upper-respiratory infection. She also had hair loss, fleas and intestinal parasites.

The pictures of this poor kitty have gone viral, as she bears quite the resemblance to "Baby Yoda." Such a cute little face, and since her pictures have gone out, people from all over the country have expressed an interest in adopting her. She is currently being fostered by a Cabarrus Animal Hospital employee, where we know she is getting the care and love she needs.

This kitty even has her own Facebook Page, Baby Yoda Cat, where you can see updates and pictures. She is not ready to be adopted out yet, she still needs to heal from her wounds and then get her second round of immunizations. They will also be spaying her and micro-chipping her. We hope she finds a good forever home.

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