We Now Know When ABC and Toy Zone is Closing in Rochester

I know a ton of families that were heartbroken when they heard that one of Rochester's only spots to buy toys was closing.  The place where the REAL Santa showed up and showed so much patience and kindness to kids has been one of the highlights.  I even heard that Y-105FM, Rochester's Christmas Station (which is the station that I'm on) even had some fun in the past during the holidays at ABC and Toy Zone.


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When the announcement was made that the store was closing, a date was not provided.  But according to ABC and Toy Zone's Facebook page, that date has been decided:

#1 question we get asked. When is your last day? Our last day open for retail will be Sunday, May 28. You still have time to bring in your grandkids, relatives, and friends when visiting Rochester next month! We still have a great selection of toys and teaching supplies. We will have some special promos throughout the store...look for the signs when in visiting. Thank you for your continued business!

Has ABC and Toy Zone Been Sold?

I'm not sure when or how the rumor started or where the inaccurate information was posted but it seems as if ABC and Toy Zone wanted to clear a few details up in one of their latest posts and messages.

  In response to some articles and posts, ABC & Toy Zone has not been sold.

We are continuing our RETIREMENT SALE and everything must go!

Where things probably got confusing is the fact that a new toy store is going to be opening in the spot where ABC and Toy Zone is currently located.  When I have more details, including an opening date, I'll have that info up on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Give it a follow so you don't miss out on the latest local news.

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What Did You Love Most About ABC and Toy Zone?

Regardless of what the sale is called, I know a lot of people in the community that will miss what they have known as ABC and Toy Zone.  Me personally, my kids had their first storytime there and I even brought the daycare kids to see Miss Kristen for songs and storytime.  Having a place where kids to just touch and play with the toys and not just see a box was perfect for their growing minds.

What did you love most about this store in Rochester?  I'd love to hear your responses - I might even share those during my show on Y-105FM!  You can hit the chat button or leave me an audio message (just like a voicemail) on the free, Y-105FM app.

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