It was November and Byron Middle School students were on a mission to prevent cyber-bullying. Now it's June, and they're still on a mission! This warms my heart in a million different ways. Truly.

Back in November, the Byron 8th Graders received the Cool Classroom award from Y-105FM and Foresight Bank (see the pictures and videos HERE) and they took the cash award and used it to fund another project!

Why did they win the Cool Classroom Award? Because they kicked all manner of butt with an anti-cyberbullying campaign. It's as though someone said, "We want to do more than a few posters...what can we do to make a real difference here!?"

Some students did research, some students did classroom presentations to the various grade levels, some students made posters, some students were on the media committee and reached out to area media and received piles of coverage. Why? Maybe it was because they were kids, at first. But the second you met them, you knew they were the real deal. LIke the rest of the teams, they'd prepared for their task. They had answers, they knew stats, they were...tremendous.

What I love so much about this is they didn't just do a project and call it quits. They completed a massive project to stop cyber-bullying and then continued to look for opportunities to use their voices and energy to make a difference.

Worried about the future? I'm not. The 'leaders of the future' are leading now.

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