Cyber bullying is a national problem, even a worldwide problem, but eighth grade students at Byron Middle School decided to tackle this big problem. They knew that it won’t stop unless they do something about it. That's why these students are October's Cool Classroom award winners.

We couldn’t award the Y-105 FM/Foresight Bank Cool Classroom award to just one classroom, because all the eighth graders in Byron Middle School were involved in the project to stop cyber bully, to help students reach out for help and make parents aware of the problem.

The student split into different workgroups to conquer the problem, to get the word out. Some reached out as a news team to the media (including Y-105 FM), others worked with in the grade school to help the students build a whole toolbox of ways to recognize and fight cyber bully in school.

From serious conversations to playing fun games, Foresight Bank and Y-105 FM are in awe of the hard work, dedication, and the selflessness of their actions. Congrats to the eighth graders of Byron Middle School!



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