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Put the perfume away for a few months because bug spray is now your scent.  Ticks are currently moving around and active in Minnesota and some cases of Lyme Disease have already been reported in the Rochester area.  Unfortunately, our tick level activity for 2021 is some of the worst in the entire country.  According to Pests.org, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and a few other states all have all been classified as 'above average threat level'.

For 2021, forecasters predict that the warm-weather months in the US will be a bad time for anyone who wants to avoid ticks, with tick populations likely to be larger than usual, and weather conditions likely to put ticks in range of people for much longer than average. And while some regions, most notably the Southeast, may not see more tick activity than usual, most states will experience the warmer, wetter conditions that drive tick populations—and the prospect of tick borne diseases—skyward. - Pests.org

When are ticks active in Minnesota?  These nasty animals are in our state all year long but we typically see them more active in the months of March to October.

What ticks can we find in Minnesota?  According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the three ticks that are the most common in our state are the following:

  • Deer Tick, which is also called the Blacklegged tick - causes the most tickborne illnesses in Minnesota.
  • Wood Tick, which is also called the American dog tick - People are bit by these ticks the most but they rarely spread diseases.  However, these could spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.
  • Lone star tick - these aren't found as often in Minnesota but could spread ehrlichiosis and tularemia.

The Nastiest Bug in Minnesota - the Tick!

They are creepy, crawly and unfortunately are so stealth-like that you don't even know they are on your body sucking your blood. Ticks. Here are a few different types of ticks in Minnesota and a few tips on how you can help prevent tick bites.

You can learn more about these little creatures in our state and images of their lifecycle at the Minnesota Department of Health website. 

Although I would love to find a place in Minnesota that doesn't have a single tick (or snake), sadly, it just doesn't exist.  But, I did find 25 of the most amazing and best spots to live in Minnesota that might make you want to throw a for sale sign up in your yard.  I threw the list below for you...just keep scrolling.

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The 25 Best Places to Live in Minnesota

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On the list, there's a robust mix of offerings from great schools and nightlife to high walkability and public parks. Some areas have enjoyed rapid growth thanks to new businesses moving to the area, while others offer glimpses into area history with well-preserved architecture and museums. Keep reading to see if your hometown made the list.

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