Not only is Adele incredibly devoted to her son, but she’s proving to be a pretty stellar mom, too.

Making the best of her time in Los Angeles during this past Grammys weekend, Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki took a trip to Disneyland along with their three-year-old son, Angelo. The couple’s son was dressed as Princess Anna from the unyieldingly popular Disney film Frozen, proving not even a powerhouse force in the music industry can escape the icy clutches of that movie.

In any case, it's refreshing to see Adele disregard gender norms and let her kid wear what he wants -- as it should be for kids everywhere.

It's not surprising: Adele has spoken in the past about how she intends on raising her child with unfettered support.

“I can’t wait to know who his best friends are going to be, who his girlfriend or his boyfriend is going to be or what movies he likes,” she said about her son in an interview with TIME. “Whatever my kid wants to do or be I will always support him no matter what."

And she’s conscious of the way she's raising him: “I’m very self-conscious that I have a kid, and I don’t want him being one of those dickheads, who grows up being, like, ‘Driver, driver!,” she said. “'I have no clean clothes!' Well, have you washed them? I really don’t want him growing up like that. I’m very conscious of it."

See photos of Adele pushing Angelo around Disneyland in a stroller over at the Mirror.

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