This morning James Rabe and I were discussing parenting advice and how to boil it down to one single sentence.  There are times -like a baby shower or on Facebook- that I've been asked what advice *I* would give to new parents, and I've been left flat-footed.  As the mom of a couple of teenagers, you'd think I'd have come up with a standard answer by now!  I promise, by tomorrow morning, I'll boil my parenting advice down to one sentence.

Then the real trick will be remembering that advice until the next time someone asks me for it!

Anyway, we decided to make this part of tomorrow's Early Morning Show conversation.  Since it's Father's Day this weekend, let's double down on what advice your dad would give as well.  If he's still around, call and ask him!  My dad has been gone for far too long, but I'd have to guess his parenting advice would be "Don't spend that money!"

Please share YOUR one sentence of  parenting advice and/or Dad's advice and join in on the conversation tomorrow morning.


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