Here's how we'll spend the week. Hope you enjoyed Sunday, because tomorrow is OK, but the rest of the week?

After a warm and windy Monday, it will turn rainy and cooler for the remainder of the work week. Due to dry conditions and winds, outdoor burning is not advised on Monday in Wisconsin.

That's OK.

Get it out of your way weather, we're not going to stand for another summer of rainy Thursdays and weekends. We will stand up and say no...NO to the tyranny of the rain.

Rain is good, we need it...but remember last summer? Remember how hard it would rain? I'd be in my car and was happy to hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops, until the rain put on clogs and got all super dancey.

No sir. No way. We'll march in the streets if we have to. We'll raise our voices in rage!

We'll take we do every year.

Because it's weather, and it always wins.

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