It's not often that people in the news actually make the news. But one TV station here in Rochester did just that. Reporter Adam Sallet, of KIMT-TV Channel 3 News, the CBS affiliate covering southeast Minnesota and Northeast Iowa, was doing a live report during today's news broadcast at noon regarding a bank robbery that occurred in northwest Rochester on Monday morning. As he was giving his report, an employee of the bank came rushing out hurriedly and exclaimed to Sallet that the alleged suspect had just passed by. The video comes from KIMT News 3 via Facebook.

Suspect near robbery scene in Rochester during MidDaySuspected Sterling State Bank robber runs by KIMT News 3 reporter Adam Sallet on live TV. Here's the initial video.

Posted by KIMT News 3 on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

As the video shows, Sallet handled himself well, despite all the excitement. The robbery occurred at the Sterling State Bank location off 55th Street Northwest and Bandel Road Monday morning around 11:20 a.m.

And, after all the excitement, it turns out that the robber had actually tried to rob the bank for a second time while the broadcast was taking place. Police later apprehended the suspect, who they have named as 36-year-old Ryan Liskow.

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