Making the rounds right now is a story alleging there are three high school students in a social media post depicting a racist and troubling scene. What do we know and what do we NOT know at this moment?

First, a picture has been shared of two people with white hoods (such as the KKK made famous) and one person in what looks like blackface or a black mask. The people in the image are alleged to be students and allegedly students in the Rochester Public Schools. These two pieces of info have not been corroborated. Neither do we know if it even happened on school grounds.

Second, I reached out to Heather Nessler, the Executive Director of Communications, Marketing, Technology at the Rochester Public Schools and she gave me this statement...

Rochester Public Schools is aware of and investigating a racially charged image that is circulating on social media allegedly involving students at one of our schools. We want to ensure you, and our community, that the District will respond in an appropriate manner based on the results of our investigation.

So they're investigating, but they can't offer any specifics. As soon as more is known, we'll pass it on. Real quick before I go. The Rochester Public Schools work their butt off to make our schools a safe place for students.

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