Noah Hanson spoke up and said, "Hey...I'd like to be able to get involved in outdoor improvement activities at Indian Heights park." I can't vouch for the exact words the then Century High School Senior said to the Olmsted County Youth Commission, but whatever it was, it got a conversation started, and now, an Action Trackchair is available for use in Rochester.

In a press release, Noah, now a college student, said,

“This is a project I have been extraordinarily passionate about. I have seen and experienced firsthand the freedoms the Action Trackchairs can provide to individuals with physical limitation in allowing them to roam beyond their normal boundaries and into the great outdoors. It is so exciting to see everyone, regardless of ability, have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer.”

Right now the Trackchair is ready to be used at Quarry Hill Park on Saturdays and Sundays. You can reserve it (and accessible bikes) online here.

KROC-AM News Department's Andy Brownell says the Olmsted County has one at both Chester Woods Park and Oxbow Park, too. Check out the pictures of the Action Track Chair and Noah Hanson.

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