Watch how happy this dog is to be back with his person after two years of being separated!

Dave with his three furry children; Milo, Maize and Max.

Most people think they have pets. But no, it's the pets that have people. If you're an animal lover - or like me, a dog lover - you realize very quickly and easily that dogs have us wrapped around their paws.

There are days, like Mondays, when the only one excited to see us walk through the door is our dogs. My Maize goes totally crazy when I come home. She jumps and runs in circles and barks "Hello!" to me. Because she knows as soon as I walk in the door, she gets a treat on top of me saying Hello by petting her, making sure she has water and food and she's gone outside.

Now, Jose, he was going through a rough patch. He was living in his car after a divorce. A friend of a friend offered to help him out by taking care of his dog Chaos. When Jose got back on his feet again, the friend of a friend wouldn't give Chaos back. Jose thought he'd never see Chaos again.

Couple weeks ago, he gets a call. From the Winnebago County Animal Services. About Chaos. One of the shelter employees found Chaos in her driveway. Jose's number was still on Chaos' ID.

So, here's what their reunion looked like.