I'm not overselling it when I say, this video is a must see.

I love me some drone photography, but this video is more than just cool looking. It's enormous. It's sizable. It's almost too much to take in.

We all know that Mayo is big...we all know that it's not just a building or two. But, how often do we see it all at once?

Seeing the downtown campus, for example. I walk and drive past those buildings all the time, but from above, I see the way they really are downtown.

And St. Mary's? There's just SO MUCH of it! And I knew that already, but from above, it's a perspective of fascinating proportions.

And beautiful. Seeing the architecture from a new point of view, seeing the designs of the fountains so far below...it is breathtaking.

To me, at least. I find this stuff hard to resist.

But I think all of us can agree that the amount of good done by the people inside those buildings is breathtaking, too. The scale and scope of the lives saved and life improved is kinda mind-boggling.

I had this feeling once before, from the inside. Being a transplant patient, I finally experienced Mayo in a way I hadn't the 16 years I'd lived her before. Honestly, it was hard to fathom the number of patients seen in one day, let alone the year. The number of people getting bone-density-scans alone must be epic, and yet, I never felt like I was on an assembly line. Never felt like patient number four million something something something. At every single encounter, I was their focus. (Click on the picture, Tracy's McCray's son Andy made the sign I'm holding. It's funny!).

Take that and add the video. It's enormous, and very small at the same time. And that is, I think, the magic of Mayo Clinic.