American Idol just announced their Season 17* audition cities, and Minnesota gets the big snub! No Minnesota, no Iowa, no Wisconsin, no North Dakota, and no South Dakota! What's the deal? The Midwest just gave you an amazing Season 16* winner, so...why the disrespect, American Idol?

To be fair, you can audition via the internet machine here, but is Minneapolis / St Paul not big enough for a real audition stop American Idol? Or are you just afraid you'll get another Midwesterner...a quality person with kindness and selflessness as part of their value system?

ABC's "American Idol" - April 23, 2018 - Arrivals
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I don't even know why I'm bothered by this. American Idol's ratings last season were pretty dismal, often not even entering the Top 10. But then Maddie Poppe won, and we were all so excited to have someone from a small Midwestern town win!

C'mere, sport. Let's "rap" for a second. You need a Pepsi? No? OK. Well, I've been watching you and you are something else, yessir! You've grown so fast and, well, I'm worried you're forgetting the little folks that make you what you are. You're going to do THREE cities in Texas and you're going to Boise, Idaho, too!  Boise? Seriously? Have you been there? I have. Nice city, cool but weird blue college football field. You'll love the food in the Basque region. Lots of nice people. Real nice people. You can't go wrong in Boise, no sir. But buddy, it ain't the Twin Cities... So...look. Mom's going to be putting dinner on soon, why don't you go upstairs and think about it for a bit. I'll bet if we three put our heads together, we'll be able to figure this thing out. Whatdyasay? Yeah? OK...good talk. .

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