Four wheels, four legs and good gas mileage? Where do I sign up?

There's an Amish guy in Colon, Michigan named Timothy Hochstedler. And he just launched something he's calling Amish Uber, which sounds exactly what you think it is... He gives people rides the "old fashion way" in his horse and buggy.

For just a mere $5, Timothy will pick you up and cart you around (literally) to wherever you'd like to go! The people in Colon are ranting and raving about him and how it's such a unique experience.

However, it's a little more difficult to get a hold of Amish Uber since he doesn't use a cell phone... because yeah, he's Amish. So to get a ride from him, you have to flag him down. So really, it's more like an Amish taxi... but that doesn't have the same ring to it.

Personally I would love it if Amish Uber came to southeast Minnesota! We have some beautiful Amish communities around this area and I'm willing to bet if it weren't too much trouble for them, they would be willing to pick up us city folk for a few rides now and then. It'd be a great excuse to see our gorgeous countrysides in a whole new way, and I'm willing to bet we'd hear some very interesting stories along the way.

Someone needs to pass this venture along and make this happen!

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