A lot of people are upset with the way their GarbageMan accounts have been handled by Waste Management...but is anyone doing anything about it? Yes!

It's hard to scroll thru Facebook without seeing former GarbageMan customers complaining about their garbage pick up (or lack of it) since GarbageMan was bought out by Waste Management. Are the complaints being heard? Is there anything the city can do?

Yes, the complaints have been heard, but no, the city can't fix the problem, because waste is a county issue.


Fortunately, according to an ABC 6 News report, Nick Campion, a Rochester City Council member, the county has reached out to Waste Management to see what the story is.

The same report quotes a spokesperson from WM as saying,

"icy conditions" and "subzero temperatures," along with their recent merger with GarbageMan, has caused these issues. She said they're working to correct these problems as soon as possible.


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