The entire cast of [Spoiler Alert] has signed on for an eight-episode comeback!

ABC via Getty Images

FOX brought The X-Files back for a limited six-episode return - and it's set for another comeback this Fall! Netflix revived Full House as Fuller House. Will & Grace is making a ten-episode return. Now, while we're all waiting for that "inevitable" Friends reunion, ABC is bringing back the Connor family. Not the Sarah Connor family The Terminator series, the Connors from Lanford.

ENews shared the news from Deadline that, twenty years after going off the air, in 1997, Roseanne will come back with the entire cast. That's right. The. Entire. Cast. Barr will be joined by John Goodman and Sara Gilbert. Laurie Metcalf is this close...

Did you watch Roseanne? Did you watch the final season? Yeah, they swapped out Beckys in season six and seven; but the final season had a major development. Major with a capitol M-uh. I thought it was a major downer the way the series ended. Maybe that will be part of the gag? Like the whole Beckys thing.

Are you excited?

Former ABC 6 News and NewsWatch 7, Omaha, anchor James Wilcox said on Facebook,

I'm in heaven."

How 'bout you? After Roseanne's comeback, what other sitcom or series would you like to see back on?



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