For some unexplained reason, I've started watching Friends on Netflix.  It's a combination of being tired of the constant stream of Seinfeld my husband and son are watching AND I don't want to start some new show that'll lead to summer time binge-watching I'm unable to control.

20 minutes of Monica, Rachel and Phoebs and I'm all good.

That's why I was interested to read a quote from Mathew Perry (everyone use your best Janice voice to say "Chandler Bing!")  Mathew says "I have this recurring nightmare that we do 'Friends' again and nobody cares.  We ended on such a high, why would we go and do it again?" I agree completely.  No matter how much I miss checking in with those six characters, I would never want them to get back together.  The funny thing is, ALL SIX of the actors keep saying they aren't interested, but I suspect they will be asked about it for the rest of their careers.

Nobody wants to see Castle and Beckett together again more than me, but reunion shows just don't seem to deliver the payoff you think you want.  (I'm looking at YOU, Brady Bunch!)  Which reunion show do you think has been the best (or maybe the worst!?)

OOH!! Or which show would you LOVE to see back for a reunion?

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