Where was I? And how did I miss something awesome and cool like that?

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Since Friends went off the air thirteen years ago, I've had a real hard time getting interested in any other sitcom. The Big Bang Theory comes pretty close. It's pretty funny. I really like when they spend time at Stuart's comic book store. I'm a DC Comics fan, and since the show is produced by Warner Bros., the comic book store is all about the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Still, it's not Friends.

Are you like me, waiting for that Friends Reunion? The cast and creators of the series have said for years that they reached The End, with the finale May 6, 2004. The characters moved on from where they were to a different place now and there's nothing there now. But there are die hard fans, like you and me, that keep anticipating and expecting a reunion.

Lisa Kudrow is promoting a new movie, Table 19. One of her co-stars is Craig Robinson. He made an appearance in an episode of Friends. The conversation turned to that episode, and to a reunion. If you're a fan like me, you're probably more excited about hearing one of the stars talk about the show than what they're working on now.

Lisa Kudrow told Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show that the cast had gotten back together...for dinner.

It was fun. We had such a good time. It was hilarious. We were laughing non-stop."

I wanna see video of that!

She didn't say when, though. It could have been six weeks, six months or even six years ago.

I still want to catch up with them. Yeah, I get that after ten seasons they want to move on to other projects and not go back. I get that the characters are all different. from where they were. I still think there's comedy there. A Thanksgiving reunion episode, maybe. One of the kids, like Ross's son Ben, reaching a milestone.

Here's why I think there should be a reunion. The show ended really well. But it spun off Joey. The spin-off was kind of a let down and a disappointment. It was cancelled after a season and a half. Matt LeBlanc has had some pretty great success since then. He's one of the hosts of BBC's Top Gear.

What do you think? Is it time to move on or are you still waiting for a reunion, too?

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