CBS is negotiating new deals with the cast!

The Big Bang Theory
CBS via Getty Images

Could The Big Bang Theory become the longest-running sitcom in television history? CBS is negotiating with the cast to come back for two more seasons, which would be the show's 11th and 12th season. I'm not a rocket-surgeon, but that's a lotta seasons right there. The Simpsons is currently the longest running animated series with 28 seasons. Gunsmoke is still the longest running drama with 20 seasons on television. It also ran for nine years on radio.

The cast want to come back for two more seasons. The original five cast members have agreed to take a pay cut - that's right a pay cut - so that co-stars Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch can get a raise! Bialik and Rauch joined the series in the third season, and have only been making $200,000 an episode. The original five cast members each make a million bucks an episode. They've agreed to take a salary cut of $100,000 each to free up $500,000 for a raise for their co-stars.

Now, as cool as that sounds, the cast will not be making the same amount of money per episode. The original five will still be making more. And we get two more seasons out of the deal.

Is that a win-win-win?

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