Law enforcement has many challenges. Most are obvious, but some are not. One of the difficulties they face is dealing with those who are mentally ill. Officers are getting, or at least will be getting, additional training in that area.

Another issue is language barriers. I asked Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson last week if, due to the diversity in this area, they're looking for officer candidates who are bilingual, or who might even speak three languages.

He said knowing another language or two is a plus, but they do have access to something else that is very effective...

The 'Language Line,' or an equivalent, is also used often at Mayo Clinic when an interpreter is not available. It can be a very useful way to get language help quickly and easily when needed. And it can make situations law enforcement may face go a little more smoothly.

Chief Peterson is a monthly guest on Rochester's Good Morning every third Wednesday of the month on KROC AM.

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