Hope you're not planning a Thursday or Friday happy hour at Boomers... because...Boomers is no more.

KTTC is reporting Boommers is closed and a sign on the door says it is for sale, too. Have you been to Boomers? They had live music on weekends, and in the summer their huge 'back yard' was always full of stuff happening.

Want to buy it? if you do, but aren't sure what kinda bar you'd put in there, here's a few ideas just off the top of my head...

  • Dog Bar

    NOT a Cat Bar

    A dog bar would rule! Not only would it be a great "walk-ination" (walk destination), but dogs rule. No cats. I'm allergic to cats and I could never go. I'm allergic to dogs, too, but keep a window open, let the fresh air flow, and I'll sip a Jack and pet a terrier all day.

    Zoonar/Erik Lam
  • A Bar Where This Lady Plays

    Bingo and Booze!

    Look at this woman...she's seen life and has a story to tell. She plays for her friends, let's give her a bar to play for tips. "Sing us a song, you're the piano woman, sing us a song tonight. About davenports, housecoats, and parcels, and how it was in the old days...and please have a bowl of hard candy, for when we tip well, you know...oh-oh-oh!"

    Ralf Nau
  • The Whistle Bar

    You could call it The Whistle Stop, everyone gets a whistle (a clean one for me, please). No speaking allowed, just whistle your order. One for Beer, two for Jack and Coke, etc. 15 short blasts and two quick blasts for Bud Light, Jack and Coke, a virgin daiquiri, and an order of fried pickles.

    I take it back, keep all the whistles dirty, I'll never go to this bar. Too noisy.

  • Beds and Nameless Beers Bar

    Do you like a mystery, and a nap?  Then head on over to the Bed and Beer. No labels here, you literally have no idea what you're drinking. Maybe it's not even beer. But, if it is, and you feel like a nap, boom, there's the fresh made bed. Tuck-in service available.

  • Scared of Your Birthday Bar

    Scared of your birthday? Whenever someone asks your age, do you choke, say 21, or just faint? "Yes, James, I know...we can't do anything about it, but telling me to get over it doesn't help! If only there was someplace I could go where they don't let anyone talk about birthdays!" Welcome, friends...you're home.