The other day I shared a Tweet that looked like one of my favorite restaurants is closed. Well, it's been a couple days, so it's confirmed...closed!Why did they close?

I've heard rumors for a long time that one of the banks in the area (US or Premiere bank?) wants the land. But, that's just a rumor.

I don't want this to be true. I love their steamed dumplings and veggie fried rice. Plus, it's right next to work. Sure, we still have amazing pizza a few steps away, the People's Coop just a few steps from that, and in the other direction, tons of places to eat.

But, when you want Chinese food, you want Chinese food!

And that urge usually strikes after my Saturday shift, or after EmCeeing something downtown. I park at the station, so walking back, i call in my order, pick it up, and go. It was a perfect relationship!

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