I'm nothing special, we all get scam calls. Somehow, though, I'm super annoyed at the call I got last week.

Is there no pride in craft in the criminal world?  It wasn't that long ago they used humans that pretended they knew you. It wasn't much, but it showed they cared. "Hey, buddy!  Haven't talked in a while, and now I'm in town..."

Now it's "Hey, we're gonna rip you off and not even give you the respect of a drop of rainwater." Or oil. Or whatever. Shutup. Plus, it wasn't just bad on the effort scale, they also called me like 16 times! Which is like insulting me over and over.


I'm joking of course. Scam calls are awful and I know it can be very serious for some people. If you know vulnerable people, please remind them not to trust calls from people they don't know.

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