If there's one thing people like to complain about its weather, drivers, and how they want more food options at the Apache Mall. Well, here it is, and it looks pretty tasty...and if you ever go to LaCrosse, you may have heard of this new-to-Rochester shop because they've been open in LaCrosse (downtown and at the mall) since 2010.

Joining Daube's, and others known for excellent cupcakes, is the cupcake only shop, Addie Cakes. According to their Facebook page, they're a boutique gourmet cupcake shop, which means all they do is cupcakes. No long johns, no bears c From the looks of their flavors, it will be a tasty grand opening..

  • Almond Joy
  • Blueberry pancake
  • caramel chocolate marble
  • chocolate covered strawberry
  • Raspberry filled wedding cake
  • Vanilla raspberry surprise
  • Very vanilla

They didn't list any  Green Bay Packer related flavors, so maybe we could get them to start a trend with a Viking's cupcake, the SkolCake?

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