A teacher in Massachusetts started keeping track of all the slang he heard at Lowell High School, and now has given it to the world!

James Callahan is a sociology teacher and he didn't understand all the slang, so he made the list and added definitions along the way. Here are a few of his entries...

  • "Bops" = new songs you like. Old songs are "jams."
  • "Clap back" = Respond to an insult with an equal or greater insult (tho respond energetically and pointedly is more what I see on the Twitters).
  • "Hop off" = Mind your own business.
  • "Low key" = Not obvious
  • "No cap" = I am serious/no lie/for real (bt-dubs, "capping" is lying).
  • Rashing" . . . to make fun of someone.
  • "Shlitty" = A good time
  • "sis" = Exclamation of disbelief/universal nickname
  • "slaps" = Of high quality
  • "slay" = Do really well
  • "That ain’t it" = Unacceptable- I do not approve

You can find his whole list HERE (he put it on Google Docs so everyone could see it).

If anyone asks you to use "slaps" in a sentence, here's one to have handy...

Talking about the Y-105FM Early Morning Show..."Wowwee, that slaps/"

You may or may not want to include the word, "wowee"...depends on how hard you're trying to annoy your kid.

WARNING: Now that this list has been made public, expect all definitions and words to fall imediately into disuse. 


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