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Is a debate as old as mankind: which animals are more popular, cats or dogs, here in Minnesota?

Usually, when someone asks if you're a cat person or a dog person, you're forced to take a side, right? Which is better-- cats or dogs? I try to never really answer that question because I'm pretty much both a cat AND dog person. My wife and I share our house with three great cats (Finnegan, Huck, and Hazel) and two incredible dogs (Asher and Juniper.)

But what about the state of Minnesota overall? Are cats or dogs more popular here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? That's the question the number-crunchers over at Time2Play set out to answer, once and for all.

They surveyed 3,045 cat and dog owners across the U.S. this past April, and asked them if they own a cat or a dog, what state they come from, and how often they post about their pets on social media. And the results were split exactly down the middle, with respondents in 25 states saying they preferred dogs and respondents in the other 25 states saying they prefer cats.

But what about here in the North Star State? Well, according to the Time2Play survey, CATS are the most popular here in Minnesota! Cats were also the preferred pet in other states including Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Dogs, meanwhile took the top spot in other states like California, New Jersey, Colorado, and Texas.

Over in my home state of Wisconsin, dogs came out on top while down in Iowa, cats topped the survey. Cats were also more popular in both North and South Dakota, according to the survey.

Interestingly, though, dog people-- even in Minnesota, a 'cat' state-- were much more likely to share photos of their pets on social media, 56.8% compared to 43.2% for cat people. You can check out the entire survey HERE. And keep scrolling to check out some amazing facts you might now know about both cats AND dogs!

Courtesy Time2Play
Courtesy Time2Play

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