What were the five dumbest Rochester stories this year? Here's my pick. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, so please, let me know if you have one to add. Email me at james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

CREDIT: James Rabe/TSM-Rochester
CREDIT: James Rabe/TSM-Rochester

I found a brochure for Catering from Barlow Foods (now HyVee at Barlow Plaza) in 1972. That picture there is of Sandwich Loaves. One large loaf, $5. Shrimp or crab, egg and cream cheese $6.50, and chicken or shrimp, tuna and egg bumped you up another buck to $7.50. And if you let that shrimp or crab sit out in the sun for a couple hours? Mmmmm...priceless.

This one is more about ME being dumb, but I think everyone can appreciate that, right? I paid 99 cents to see who else had paid 99 cents to see who'd paid 99 cents to see who paid 99 cents at WHO PAID 99¢.com? See my dough-headedness here.

Some scientists have apparently found that the “milk crystals” of a Pacific Beetle cockroach is believed to be a super-food for humans, with each “milk crystal” (two normal words that somehow become gross when combined together) being heavy in amino acids and sugar-coated proteins.

Kid's eating Tide Pods as a "challenge" which sent a ton of kids to the hospital. BUT, before you say, "Kids today are SO dumb!" remember all the dumb stunts you were dared to do that coulda killed you. I picked this as my number two story because the image I created for it is so punny!


Swatting is when you call 911 and lie to dispatch about a major emergency, like a bomb threat or a shooter, to get SWAT out to the a specific place as a "prank" or to teach someone a lesson. This has happened across the USA, sometimes leading to an innocent person being killed.

In August it happened in Rochester when a woman allegedly made a bogus call saying her sister was being held at gunpoint by a man. ... they soon learned the man was not armed and the woman in his car was not being held, hostage. It was his girlfriend. The woman who called 911 was apparently the man’s ex-girlfriend. Everything turned out OK, but click here to see how the 911 caller ended up ratting on herself.

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