Why is George Washington giving me the stink eye? Because I just spent a dollar on the dumbest thing you can imagine.

And that includes paying 99 cents to have someone shout, "I like traffic lights, but not when they are red!",  paying 99 cents to hear someone cough, and paying 99 cents to walk around Silver Lake while someone follows you singing the wrong lyrics to Don't Stop Believing. 

I paid 99 cents to see who else had paid 99 cents to see who'd paid 99 cents to see who paid 99 cents at WHO PAID 99¢.com?

Who Paid 99 Cents to See Who Paid 99 Cents

There you have it. I figured it was some gimmick and saomething unexpected would happen. Nope. I saw 370 "names" of people who paid 99 cents. That's about $367 they made off those 370 and me.

Can you beat that for wasting 99 cents? I'll bet you can't. But I hope you'll try.

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