Perusing the interwebs, I happened upon this little gem from It’s from a few year ago, but it got me wondering how true it is. So, I asked women at the Rocheter Women's Fall Expo...and the results surprised me...

This was the list written by a woman Jenni Maier, the six things she says 'every girl is afraid to do in front of her man.'

1. Eat messy foods
2. Have Gas
3. Facebook Stalk
4. Working Out
5. Watch our TV shows
6. Poop

I don't like doing some of these things, so I get it.

I'm definitely not going to eat messy foods in public (if i can help it)...and I won't #6 in front of you...shouldn't that be #2 on the lit? But, I think this isn't so much about not wanting to do it in front of other people, as it it about being in a different, non-judgey   environment to do it.



Except #6, which should be #2, does anyone want anyone to watch that?

At the Rochester Women's Fall Expo, I showed women of all ages the list and most of the time, they agreed with it...maybe moving one up or down a bit, but mostly, yeah, they said it was right on.



There was one exception by one woman...she made me promise not to use her name, but "Amelia" said,

"Have gas? That's farting...and I do it just to see the look on a man's face! If he freaks out on a first date because I pooted, I know he's not going to work out!"

Amelia, you are awesome!