I don't know if any country loves pickles like the USA loves pickles. According to USA Today

Pantry and refrigerated pickles are a $1.1 billion category, growing 6% over the past year...

That's a lot of cucumbers turned pickle. And its also cause for innovation, which is where the pickle chip is at. The Innovation Pipeline the boss of Vlasic, Con Agra Foods said.

Does that mean we'll get them in time for summer cookouts? No idea. No word. They're being pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing, but thanks to Food Business News, here's what we DO know.

First, they're not potato chips flavored with dill pickle. They're real pickles vacuum fried. Will it be a new popular snack-food? That leads me to number two.

Two, there's no jar, just a sack with a zip-lock-top. That's awesome. Jars are the worst when it comes to getting pickles out of the jar. Before you eat 'em, I'm sure the jar is all dandy and nice. But three pickles in your hand is a mess, the day is shot, you, yes YOU are not satisfyingly pickled.

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